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  • January 27, 2020
  • News

If there’s one thing that OFWs would want their loved ones at home to show them it’s appreciation.

Big or small a gift, the way we cherish not just the gift, but all the sacrifices behind the present. And what more if the gift is as grand as a brand new house?

The gift of shelter always calls for a celebration. Sometimes, the simplest thank you would do. But it’s time to elevate the thank-yous with these ideas.

How to say thank you to OFW loved one

Make a thank-you video. Include everyone in the family. To make it more meaningful, each family member may talk about what they are especially thankful for.

Do a house tour a la vlogger to show your OFW loved the entire abode. And upload it on social media. Say yes to ‘flexing,’ no to bragging.

Show him/her the house. Sync your time with him or her schedule prior to agreeing on a house inspection date. On the day of the inspection, 

Post a shoutout on social media. What about a vveeerrrryyyyy long message on Facebook? Post it on her or his wall, or yours. Just don’t forget to tag the person.

Write a poem. This one’s very personal, but captures the essence of owning a house and how your OFW loved one has been instrumental in making the homeownership dream come true.

Create a photobook. The entire home-buying process is not easy, but you can always document it. Show it to your OFW family member when he or she comes home to have a sense of ownership of the entire process somehow.

Move into the new home with him/her. Sometimes, timing is everything. So why don’t you wait for the person to come home and move in together? That’s the sweetest thing.

Dedicate a corner to him/her. If he or she cannot be there just yet, you can always devote one corner or room for him or her. Knowing na meron kang uuwian is the nicest feeling for any OFW.

Welcome him/her with a gigantic key. Let the person be a part of the experience. Welcome him or her home the way developers do—with a huge key sa airport pa lang

Send a snail mail. Nothing beats doing a thank-you in an old school way. Don’t forget to put some photos inside together with the heartfelt, handwritten letter to make it more personal.

Do something special for him or her. Options are endless, but one thing that all OFWs will surely treasure is when you cook their favorite dishes once he or she got home. 

No matter how you do it, they would surely appreciate the love in return.