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  • January 28, 2020
  • News

How will you know that the house in front of you is “the one”?

Well, that’s a tricky question that warrants the need to look deep into how the house made you feel upon seeing it and exploring it some more. 

Is the “spark” there? Or, it’s time to move to the next house on your list.

Let us help you. Here are some situations that tell you the house is indeed “the one.”

During home buying, how to know the house is “the one”?

1) It has now become your yardstick

Of course, you’d do more home shopping. Remember the golden rule of home buying? Create a shortlist of up to three house and lots to consider before you decide which one to purchase.

When you finally saw “the one” (or maybe you have seen it first), it will become your point of comparison. Other houses won’t be as nice, or as airy, or as flowy because, for you, you already found the nicest.

Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you saw it last or first. You will know that that house is for you and no one else’s. 

2) You lose interest in doing more home shopping

Okay, in line with the above, there are rules of thumb to home buying. But when you found “the one,” the other houses don’t seem to matter anymore.

For you, what’s the point when you could’ve devote your time to paperwork to acquire “the one” than seeing more houses that you know you won’t buy?

This is one big decision that you are ready and willing to commit. After all, the home acquisition is all about you and your loved ones’ future.

3) It reminds of the beauty of other houses

Perhaps you’ve been to some awesome abodes before that you want to see again and again.

“The one”  gives you the same warmth as you reminisce about those beautiful houses and what you love about them.

Then, slowly, you are rationalizing its flaws and how you’d want the house to look when you finally moved in, replicating the attractiveness of the houses you saw in the past.

4) You imagined living there

Then you start visualizing yourself arranging furniture, displays, and other artworks—where to place which piece. You already plan according to the layout. You’ve already decided Bantay’s rightful place.

Feeling at home indicates a sense of connection belonging. It’s only right that you feel this way.

What good thing about this is you envision a future with your husband and kids on that very house.

5) You don’t want to leave

You can’t seem to shake off the idea of leaving the house even for a while.

You’ve been there a week ago only to find yourself ‘inspecting’ the house and the entire neighborhood after a few days, and lingering for a while. These are sure signs that you and the house are meant to be.

Also, with each visit, you are taking someone else to view the house, hoping they would feel the same way.

6) You talk yourself into buying

Homebuyers seek the opinion and advice of others. But oftentimes, they already set their mind to one home.

True enough, you only want to reinforce what they actually think about the house. Even though there are compromises involved, homebuyers who think of it as “the one” can look past that to own that house they wanted since day one.

For you, it’s got great bones still. Changing whatever needs to be changed would be easier. While you may have your non-negotiables, every house has its limits. For as long as these are tolerable, you tell yourself, ‘I’m good!”

7) You talked about it on repeat

You are too excited to tell the story to your parents, spouse, or kids without realizing that they already heard how perfect the location is, how different is the layout, how cozy is the surrounding – for the nth time!

It’s actually your way of getting all the excitement out and sharing the same level of excitement and energy with the people you love.

But it’s the charming aspect of repetition that creates the momentum in your life and others. So yes, it’s completely okay to tell that story once more.

8) You feel possessive about it

The place is “the one” when you can’t wait to complete the paperwork and sign the acceptance letter, confirming your choice in the process. 

You are already referring to it as ‘my house’ or ‘our house’ even when you have yet to move in. Speaking of which, you eagerly await the move-in date, bombarding your agent with calls and emails as to when you can actually move into your new home.

Sometimes, you just know that this is “the one” for you—no second thoughts about it.