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  • July 12, 2018
  • News

Last January 25, BellaVita Land Corp. had their Annual Sales Rally at Circuit Makati Grounds with over 600 attendees composed of inhouse sellers, brokers and staffs. The Annual Sales Rally is a way to thank the BellaVita sellers for their unending support and to acknowledge their efforts since Day 1. The Sales Rally is also a way to recognize the sellers who have been with us since BellaVita was established. For this year’s Annual Sales Rally, the theme was FESTIVALABAN which was derived from two words “Festival” and “Laban”. The Geos represented the festivals near their project locations – for VisMin-East is the Higantes Festival, for North projects is the Panagbenga Festival, for South 1 projects is the Anilag Festival and for South 2 is the Coconut Festival.

Present in the event are the executives of BellaVita – BellaVita’s President Mr. Robert Lao; Vice President and COO Ms. Mayi Platero-Rodriguez; Sales and Marketing Head Ms. Jeanette Saturnino and PSMG Managers, Mr. Alain Sazon and Mr. Gilbert Ramos. The program started with the parade of the sellers per Geo – starting off with Team Husay or VisMin-East headed by Mr. Joseph Mahusay, followed by Team Liksi or South 2 headed by Mr. Bullet Liwag, Team Sigla or South 1 headed by Mr. Carmello Cuvin and Team Gilas headed by Mr. Owen Martinez. Each Geo were asked to perform and present their dance performance that is associated to their chosen festival. By the end of the performances, South 2 was declared the defending champion of the dance competition who garnered a total of 92 points and was awarded P20,000 worth of cash prize. Facilitated by the Marketing team, BellaVita also recognized the top sellers per project location and awarded them with not only plaques of appreciation but also exciting rewards. These rewards included Gear Up Your Home, Gear Up Your Health, Gear Up and Travel, Lifestyle Gear Up and Go Gear Up Gadgets. Last but not the least, to end the event program a team building was conducted and hosted by M-Zone for sellers to move away from the competitive work environment and to encourage sellers to learn to work together more effectively. Furthermore, Ms. Mayi Rodriguez ended the Sales Rally with a motivational speech to increase motivation, improve productivity and encourage positive reinforcement.

Bottomline is, the goal of the Sales Rally is to bring everyone together as one. This is also to recognize the significant accomplishments of individual sales professionals. It keeps the sales team updated on their respective projects and allows sales associates gratification for their hard work. What do you think would the next Sales Rally’s theme be?