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Entering a New Decade: The Future is Now!

  • February 18, 2020
  • News

BellaVita’ s Sales Rally for 2020 – Entering a New Decade: The Future is Now 2020

According to the Monash University’s definition, a Sales Rally is “a meeting or conference held specifically to motivate members of the sales team to greater efforts with a particular product or product range. With this definition, its enough to say that this practice is crucial for every developer’s path to success when making accomplishments along the way.

BellaVita Land Corp. celebrated its Annual Sales Rally 2020 entitled “Entering A New Decade: The Future is Now” last January 31 at Green Sun Makati. The event was joined by over 600 attendees composed of ALI members, BellaVita employees and sellers nationwide. Since 2020 is a brand-new start, BellaVita wants it sellers to feel that 2020 is a full of endless possibilities and opportunities. The look and feel of the event resemble to the vast and infinite evening sky, which encourages us to look beyond, to expand our thinking and our capabilities.

To start the program, BellaVita presented the different milestones per department that the company during the previous year. Such milestones include the launch of the 2 projects – Naga and Rosario, installation of Out-Of-Home marketing material and appearance of Mimiyuuuh as our BellaVita influencer last 2019 to name a few. In addition, BellaVita awarded the Top Team Leaders and Direct Sellers of 2019 for Reservation, Committed and Booked Sales with the use of CGIs and lasers to coordinate with the futuristic event theme. BellaVita also recognized Ms. Mary Ann Caisido of BellaVita lloilo as the Presidential Awardee for Area Sales Director. Ms. Maria Isabel Santos Javier and Ms. Imelda Dela Cruz both reining from North Luzon – BellaVita Cabanatuan for being the Presidential Awardee for Team Leader and Direct Seller Category respectively. The event was full of fun and entertaining activities that gave quite the lasting impression on the sellers that evening. According to The Globe and Mail, creating excitement with the pipelines were key. This is what we want our sellers to accomplish and we delivered a creative set of videos that depicted the targets as well as showing them laser shows, CGIs and even futuristic themed photobooth that sellers utilized.

The second part of the event was more focused on what to expect for 2020. In 2019, we launched our “Galing BellaVita, Ihataw na!” battle cry with the hopes that we will continue how we started – driven and strong. Although we have faced different challenges along our way, we have proven that despite these obstacles – BellaVita remained dedicated and that is why last January 31, we lauched our new battle cry, “Lakas BellaVita, Itodo Na!”. A battle cry that will be used to further remind our sellers what we are fighting for in 2020 to further boost their confidence in the field.

Mentioning the many sites, BellaVita has a big number of sellers to inspire. These rallies are made to prompt and give them the drive they need to secure their pipelines. This entails that all sellers must make sure that their capable of securing leads that they are able to convert into sales. Part of the events that were lined up for that day is the Commitment Ceremony wherein our Geo Heads stated their reservation sales objective by the end BellaVita has four GEOs with their respective managers have their set targets for the year 2020. Team Sigla led by Carmelo Cuvin has promised 1,587 Units. This means General Trias, Lipa, Pila, Lian and Rosario has to come up with the necessary sales to attain that goal. Team Liksi led by Bullet Liwag aims 1,808 Units, with sites Alaminos 1 and 2, San Pablo, Tayabas and Naga will deliver make sure to deliver their targets. Team Gilas led by Owen Martinez with a goal of 1,893 Units. Sites Capas, Cabanatuan and Porac are capable and confident to achieve them. Last would be Team Husay which is Pililla, Cagayan De Oro and Iloilo led by Joseph Mahusay with the plan to attain 1,277 Units can reach this objective faster than the others.

An entertaining set of goals that each GEO has mentioned whilst BellaVita enters a new decade. “One must always remember that a new year is also a new self.  Many changes occur while we go through the years as members of a determined company.” A line that was used in the event that launched 2020 that they mentioned that hyped the sellers to become pumped up since the overall goal was to get 6,575 Units in total for 2020.

The event was closed by a speech given by our Sales and Marketing Head, Ms. Jeanette Saturnino and Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Mayi Platero Rodriguez. She thanked the sellers for a job well done last year and reminded them that although everyone did an amazing job – we should always strive to be the best in everything we do. The importance of a rally is to make sure we give a lasting effect on the sellers. We have achieved the feat and hope to see progress in each site. The program was ended by a special performance by Alab Poi, It’s Showtime Magpasikat Grand Winner and Laserman JB Dela Cruz, Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide Hall of Famer.

This 2020, BellaVita aims to strengthen its capabilities by finding ways to make communities countrywide and help the Filipino people from as far as Cabanatuan City to Cagayan De Oro. That is why we promote “Lakas BellaVita, Itodo Na!” nationwide. Start the year anew, the future is now!


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