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BellaVita Naga


Starting fromPhp 450,000

  • 22 - 22 sqm.
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 T&B
  • N/A
  • Currently Selling

Masterplan and Concept

Naga was already an established village prior to its colonization during the occupation. It was an important village known for its fishing and weapon making.

Naga City was also known as “New Caceres City” The city was called that because it was the third Spanish Royal City after Iloilo and Manila. Later it was also known as the “Queen City of Bicol” and “Heart of Bicol”. This was due to the fact is central location is found in the Bicol Peninsula.

Such a historical place also boasts its different areas for attractions for our travelers and tourists. Areas like Mt. Isarog is the known volcano with lots of trekking and hiking spots. Malabsay Falls being in the foot of Mt. Isarog is another place tourist like to visit and unwind with nature. The Our Lady of Penafrancia is a widely celebrated figure which not only has a church, but a shrine and arch known as the Porta Mariae is found in the town of Naga for pilgrimage goers and travelers alike.

Naga is known to have lots of food nearby as it is a part of the Bicolano cuisine. Pili Nuts are the known snack that has been imported around Philippines. It is turned into peanut brittle for that sweet treat. Spicy meals such as the Laing and the Bicol Express both are famous dishes that also became widely popular. These spicy dishes also gave an influence to their desserts where the Sili Ice cream came to be. Visitors in Naga City will never go hungry with all theses amazing things to eat.

It is time to schedule a trip to Naga and enjoy the sites and treats waiting. It is quite and experience for BellaVita homeowners when they join the community.

Property details

Modes of Transportation: Jeepneys and Buses
Along Penafrancia Avenue
About 11.2 km from Naga Town Proper
About 18 km from Calanbanga
About 17.7 km from Bombon
About 19.2 km from Camaligan

  • Poli Inner

    Floor Area: 22 sqm.

    Lot Area: 36 sqm.

● Fiesta Market
● Clubhouse
● Common Parking
● Open Spaces/Pocket Parks
● Guardhouse

Nearby Establishments

Within 10-20 km radius from establishments:

  • Rosario Municipal Hall
  • PhilHealth
  • Naga Sports Complex
  • Security Bank
  • SM City Naga
  • Bob Marlin
  • Bicol Medical Center
  • Naga Police Office
  • Our Lady of Penafrancia
  • Porta Mariae