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BellaVita Lian


Starting fromPhp 400,000

  • 22 - 24 sqm.
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 T&B
  • N/A
  • Currently Selling

Masterplan and Concept

BellaVita Lian is within Barangay Pagong Pook, Lian City, Batangas. Known for its beautiful white sandy beach, Matabungkay was one of the getaway day trip destination for all who want to enjoy Batangas. Fiestas to honor the birthday of Saint John The Baptist also is something to look forward to as well as the Balsa festival where BellaVita homeowners can get their feet soaked in the waters while leisurely enjoying what’s nearby the site.  The festivals include dances, concerts, décor making and races for our homeowners to enjoy.

Property details

Mode of Transportation: Jeep, Bus and Tricycle

About 2.5 kms from Lian Town Proper

About 5.5 kms from Nasagbu Town Proper

About 3 kms from Matabungkay Beach Club

About 6.5 kms from Tuy Town Proper


  • Poli Inner

    Floor Area: 22 sqm.

    Lot Area: 36 sqm.

  • Fiesta Market
  • Clubhouse
  • E-Jeep
  • Common Parking
  • Open Spaces/Pocket Parks
  • Guardhouse

Nearby Establishments

Within 5-10 km radius from establishments:

  • BSC Bus Terminal
  • Lian Public Market
  • Bagong Pook Elementary School
  • Tuy Public Transport
  • Tuy General Hospital
  • Lian National High School
  • Lian Central School
  • Insular Health Care Inc- Hospital de San Juan Baustista